Courses and Curriculum

Ontological Learning
Ontology is a study of being and an inquiry into the nature of human existence. Learning about our Way of Being in the world is ontological learning.

This learning provides a basis for effective action and for building a more meaningful life. Shifting our Way of Being alters how we view things and how we can participate in the world. When an ontological shift happens the world begins to show up differently and we are able to see new possibilities for effective action.

Way of Being refers to how we are at any time, and in particular refers to how we are observing or perceiving the world. Ontological learning enables us to observe how it is that we observe and perceive the world. New action and new meaning in life is possible out of becoming a skilled ontological observer.

We all have a deeply ingrained Way of Being which is the result of lifelong learning. Our Way of Being [our ontology] has the power to run our lives and shape how we perceive and respond to situations and is often invisible to us, operating beneath the surface of our daily existence.

This learning gives us the tools to become aware of our Way of Being, to shift or change those things which are not work-ing for us, and to enable us to be more effective in our life and work.