"I use what I learned in ICLF courses every single day--at the office, with my family, and in my friendships. ICLF taught me effective mehtods that I have used for several years when I encounter conflict, whether it's in relationships with others or my own bad mood. One way of seeing life is as a series of challenges; what I learned gives me immediate perspective and helps me move from problem to solution. In helping to "unblock" issues, it also opened me up creatively. These aren't the kinds of "tools" you get in those work-related one-day seminars where the best thing about them is the doughnuts--these are learnings that are presented subtly, thoughtfully, and in a way that integrates them into your life. I look at the courses as having given me, maybe not extra years of life, but extra years of a life led consciously and effectively."
Betsy Hickok professional writer and musician

"I have had a lot of education that prepared me for the technical part of professional life. But the education I received in Stage I provided me with insights about my personal life (including my dealings with people at work) that opened up a whole arena of possibilities that I simply didn't see before. A day doesn't go by that I don't think about the things I learned in Stage I and how it has helped me become more effective in my life. It certainly has helped me in my professional life (to improve my professional dealings with people is the reason I signed up for the course in the first place); however, the tremendously positive (unexpected) effect of the lessons learned in Stage I on my personal life i.e., family--my wife and sons, is what I am most grateful for."
Nelson Logan participated in an EFL Stage I course in 1989 and subsequently took all the other EFL courses and many others. He is a certified Stage I coach and past professor at the University of Iowa and now serves on the faculty at the University of Florida.

"I have always taken opportunities to grow, but I believe that I learned some very powerful lessons through the courses offered by the ICLF that were not available in any other setting I have encountered. I really understand at a deep level what it means to be the creator of my life and am leading a life that is fuller and more loving than ever before."
Joanna Lawson is a psychotherapist (turning coach), originally from England, who has been living in Iowa since 1987. She is married with two children and two stepchildren.

"What EFL taught me was that I could move easily from a prevailing mood of anger, frustration, and hopelessness to ones that suited the activities in which I wanted to engage with others. Life is much fuller now, and I find myself primarily in a mood of awe and wonder."
Joseph Brisben is a financial adviser.