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Education for Living III - The Results Program

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Education for Living III - The Results Program
EFL III - The Results Program is the third and final course of the ICLF Core Program. This exciting, challenging, and fun course provides a structure to produce concrete results from the distinctions offered in EFL I - The Power of Language and EFL II - Discovering Your Authentic Self. Participants have ongoing opportunities to practice what they previously have learned and incorporate new practices into their daily lives. Upon completion of the course, participants have skills that allow them to consistently produce more positive outcomes in their jobs, families and communities.

Course Objectives

  • Apply linguistic/ontological distinctions in daily life
  • Identify and manage moods
  • Differentiate between those things to which we are and are not committed
  • Discover what limits us in achieving our goals
  • Hone our capacity to coordinate effective action
  • Interrupt recurrent breakdowns
  • Have fun!

Course Content

  • Mood management
  • Development of personal purpose
  • Commitments
  • Leadership
  • Personal power
  • Learning to learn
  • Effective feedback
  • Coordinating action


RP is comprised of three conferences offered in a period of six weeks. The opening and final sessions each include a weekend full of learning on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, a one-day meeting is held on a Saturday midway through the six-week period. There are no Monday evening wrap-up sessions. All sessions include some element of play.

More Information

If there are any questions that participants would like to ask the coach concerning their involvement in RP, please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to schedule a time to talk via email or phone. For those who do not have email, you may call her at 985-860-8861 to schedule a time.